Handheld Systems – The New Orderman7

Faster. More reliable. More Versatile.


• 5 inch HD display
• Especially durable construction
• Replaceable battery
• Programmable side buttons
• Touch Screen
• Warranty
• Long lasting charging contacts
• Notification LEDs


Radio ordering with Orderman helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is undisputed. It is also well known that Orderman can help to generate up to 25% more sales. So what's new? Radio ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before with the all-new 7th generation of Orderman devices – the NCR Orderman7. Benefit from technical features and unflagging spirit of our newest champion. The reasons for the NCR Orderman7’s unbeatable quality: twenty years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this device specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry.


With the easy-to-attach and patented safety cord, we provide you with additional protection.

Orderman Secure Radio

For the latest generation of the Orderman radio ordering system, we have improved further on what was previously the best: The new Orderman Secure Radio is more stable and more secure.

Service Station

In the Service Station, you can recharge our handheld, perform remote maintenance and store your unit safely. And a replacement battery can also be charged very quickly.

Integrated camera with flash

Includes a camera with flash and autofocus, which also functions as a flashlight, perfect for low light environments.