Aloha QuickService - Hospitality POS Systems

Call it "fast food" or "quick service" - the emphasis is on speed. It's critical when it comes to your hospitality point of sale system, so is reliability, ease of use, and flexibility. These are just some of the competitive advantages you gain from the installation of an Aloha Quick Service hospitality POS system. Aloha QuickService technology gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your mission-critical point-of-sale operations.

Offering advanced POS software functionality, cutting edge touch screen EPOS terminal technology, built-in redundancy, open architecture, multiple revenue centre options, and detailed front-of-house reporting systems, Aloha Quickservice delivers the features needed to run a successful hospitality business in the 21st Century.

Aloha EPOS systems are used worldwide by a huge range of clients. Small businesses to corporate organisations can gain significant competitive advantage with Aloha hospitality POS equipment.

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Aloha QuickService Hospitality POS Equipment Features:

• Virtually unlimited management capacity
• Automatic end-of-day process
• Built-in reports
• Automatic video re-route
• User-configured revenue centres
• Front-of-house management reporting access
• Built-in labour scheduler
• User-defined performance measures
• Built-in redundancy
• User-configurable screen flow
• Built-in system security
• Third-party EPOS software integration
• Non-proprietary POS hardware
• Expanded delivery options
• Cutting edge EPOS touchscreen technology ideal for restaurants, pubs/bars, cafes, fastfood outlets, nightclubs and other organisations in the hospitality industry.

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Gallaher's Bistro

The Torrance Hotel

Aloha QuickService Optional Packages:

Aloha QuickCount
Easy to use inventory and reporting tool designed to maximise your business’s profitability. Offers realtime inventory reporting without the complexity of a full-blown inventory system.

Aloha Credit Card
A fully featured credit card processing solution offering IP-based card processing, printer routing, multi-processor support, multi-transaction processing, detailed reporting and audit trail options. Tip enabled processing makes it ideal for the hospitality industry.

Aloha Customer Management
Track customer information with this state-of-the-art customer information system – ideal for restaurant/fastfood loyalty schemes.

Aloha Remote Video
Increase your productivity and deliver food at the speed of light with Aloha Remote Video. Menu items are automatically transmitted to video monitors located in food preparation/kitchen areas allowing for super fast service.